SHW Electric Standing Desk Review – Is it Worth It?

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Is the Standing Desk from SHW actually worth getting? Find this out with a professional review from All Report!

Why Should You Buy the SHW Standing Desk?

A computer desk is one of the fundamental yet usable items you’ll want to get when setting up your space for remote work. For sure, it needs to hold all your working equipment, be durable and stable enough for any stuff you’ll use in the process and ensure your convenient sitting. Moreover, the computer desk should provide enough space for your legs, ensure the correct posture, which is a must for your health, and of course, fit into the overall design concept of your room.

Such a long list of requirements can make the purchasing process the worst idea once you’ve decided to search for your ideal computer desk. Thus, you’re more likely to drop it and go on working on your sofa or in a bed, which means nothing good for your posture and health at all!

Are there any guides to choosing the right computer desk for your remote work?

If you’ve already searched for computer desks on Amazon, you might have come across the SHW Adjustable Desk – an ergonomic, feature-rich computer desk that’s getting excellent reviews and nearly 5-star rates from shoppers. You might even wonder if it’s really worth purchasing, or this electric desk is a pure marketing strategy to charge more for this product.

SHW Electric Height Adjustable Computer Desk – Your best investment towards comfortable remote work!

Luckily, we’re here to help you check whether this product is really worth its value, the one you’ll surely want to get for your home office, and one you’re likely to be quite delighted with once it’s set up and integrated into your daily working routine.

Top Features

First of all, SHW Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk has plenty of different features, the most important of which is the option to change the height with a few buttons under the desktop, and memorize 4 different height adjustments according to the situation of use. Such a valuable option is enabled with a powerful electronic lift system installed on a solid steel frame. Thus, you can adjust the desk height for different positions when working, choose the traditional sitting or standing feature – the last one is significantly beneficial for your posture, blood pressure and overall feeling.

This electric stand-up desk is also pretty easy to assemble, it provides nice customer support, and is sure to please nearly any who’s decided to buy it. Moreover, it’s getting excellent reviews and lots of positive comments from Amazon buyers, which makes us more than certain this desk is worth your attention.

Here’s a quick run-down of the most important features of the SHW Adjustable Standing Desk:

  • Telescopic Height Adjustment: 28″ to 46 inches – adjust it to any comfortable position within a few seconds!
  • Various Colors: Black, Oak, Marple, Walnut, or Cherry? Choose the one that fits best to your home design!
  • Digital Display Handset: 4 memory preset options for easy yet effortless adjustment.
  • Electric Lift System: Fully motorized lift from 28 to 46 Inches height.
  • Spacious Cable Holder: Get all your wires compactly organized under the tabletop.
  • Easy Assembly: Well-packaged and easy to assemble with instructions in the box, it can be easily assembled in less than an hour!
  • Weight Capacity: Can easily hold your working equipment up to 110 lbs
  • Size: L: 40” x D: 28” x H: 28″ to 46”
SHW Adjustable Desk – Organize your home office in just a few minutes!

What do Amazon Reviews Say?

Anyone who’s had some experience with Amazon shopping knows, that the most reliable way to say if any product sold there is worth buying is to check the reviews section. As for the case of the SHW desk, their product features mostly 5-star rates.

So, what people are saying about the desk quality? Let’s figure this out!

What’s the Average Review for SHW Sit Stand Desk?

The average customer review rate for SHW Standing Desk is currently standing at 4.6 out of 5 stars, which is great for such a functional product. Moreover, at the moment of the writing, it stands in the “Amazon’s Choice” category and refers to the top 15 of best Home Office Desks on Amazon.

However, we also know that Amazon reviews can be faked. Some of them are written for the rewards or posted by the manufacturer from the different accounts, or even bots to spoil the reputation of a brand (which commonly happens due to the high competition level. For this purpose, it’s important to check the comment section to ensure if SHW Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk reviews are from actual happy shoppers, that want to share their real impression after the purchase.

Are the SHW Electric Standing Desk Reviews Authentic?

  • Around 78% of all the shoppers who’ve got the product on Amazon gave it a 5-star rating, which is a very high rate of 5-star reviews, but also one that is reasonable if analyzing the other legitimate points.
  • Up to15% of the reviews being 4 stars, and just 4% sitting at 1 star. However, the 1-star reviews aren’t consistently mentioning the same problem, they’re about little issues: some users said they didn’t receive an instructions booklet, or have the desk damaged during the shipping. Still, that’s a shipping company problem that usually happens accidentally, not the seller’s one.

We also didn’t find any cases or signs of sponsored reviews, those written in exchange for free goods or discounted products. You also can be sure the SHW is not gaming the review system, all those look trustworthy, with the real photos and using experience shared. So, we think the comments of the Adjustable Standing Desk by SHW are authentic and can be trusted.

Quotes from Reviews of Specific Features

To prove the desk is worth its money, here are some telling quotes from Amazon reviews for specific and important features of the SHW Standing Desk:

Ideal for Home Office

This desk makes my home office look really professional and I have ample room for two monitor stands, laptop, docking station, mouse pad, keyboard, a notebook, beverage, and a pencil cup. I can’t believe this costs so little for what it is! My old desk was too short and killed my back.
So happy to have ergo height while working!


Super Quick Assembly

So when I received it, I was delighted with how nice it was. Assembly was a breeze, and I’d say it took me just a half hour to put together!


Great Value

I’ve been researching standing desks for several months now, trying to find one that is functional (and large enough!), attractive, and not terribly expensive. This is by far the best value of anything I’ve come across!


Height Control

The height range is more than ample. And most importantly I am already feeling the positive effects of standing during part of my workday!

Amazon Customer

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does it have a battery or have to be plugged in.
A: This desk doesn’t come with a battery and requires plugging in.

Q: How long does it take to raise all the way up from lowest to highest heights?
A: It takes around 30-45 seconds to totally raise or lower the desktop. 

Q: Is the desktop a single board or a two-piece board?
A: The SHW Standing Desk characteristics is a two piece board desk

Q: Once I have it to the height I want for the day, can I unplug it and it stays at that height?
A: Sure, the desk will stay at the height you’ve left it before unplugging.

Wrap Up – Should You Buy SHW Electric Standing Desk?

After reviewing all the essential characteristics of the SHW Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk, All Report surely suggests this product for purchase. Our experts think that’s one of the best investments for organizing your home office space at remote work!

It features comfortable height adjustability with 4 slots for height memorizing, so you can adjust the tabletop to the most comfortable position by pressing only one button! It perfectly fits any sort of durable work on your desk and can be used for studying, working, crafting, gaming and more. And, which is more important – this won’t impact your health: blood pressure, posture or eyesight!

Moreover, it’s pretty easy to assemble and employ to your workspace, and of course, it’s getting excellent reviews on Amazon from nearly anyone who’ve given it a try!

Now that your know SHW has made great goods for sale, what else is needed for the order? Get yours from Amazon RIGHT HERE!