Flexispot Standing Desk Review – Is it Worth It?

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Is the Standing Desk from Flexispot actually worth buying? Find out by reading an expert opinion from All Report!

Why Should You Buy the Flexispot Standing Desk?

After the working from home routine became normalized, there’s never been a better time to set up a perfect home office space. And, one of the most essential office items to buy when assembling your workspace is the computer desk.

But which one should you get? For sure, it should be durable and stable, the one you’ll be comfortable working by for a long period of time. It should be the right size and provide enough room for your working equipment. As you can see, choosing the home office desk that fits best to your working routine is really challenging!

If you’ve looked for them on Amazon, you might have come across the Flexispot standing desk, an affordable, feature-rich option that’s getting excellent reviews. And, you’re probably wondering if it’s really worth buying.

Flexispot Standing Desk – Your best choice for remote work!

Fortunately, we’re here to help you ensure this product is really worth getting, the one you’ll certainly want to purchase for your home office, and one you’re likely to be quite comfortable with once it’s set up and integrated into your daily routine.

Top Features

To start with, Flexispot Standing Desk is loaded with features, the most important of which is the option to adjust the height by pressing the up button – quickly, and easily. This becomes possible with a powerful electronic lift system installed to a solid steel frame.

The height-adjustable desk is also super easy to assemble, provides a great return policy, and is sure to please any who’ve decided to purchase it. Besides, it’s getting great reviews and positive feedback from Amazon shoppers make us more than sure this product is worth your attention.

To prove its efficiency, we’ve covered a quick run-down of the most important features of the Flexispot Standing Desk:

  • Height Adjustable: 28″ to 47.6 inches – perfect for both sitting and standing positions!
  • Multiple Colors: Black, Deep Black, Mahogany, Marple or White? Choose the one that fits best to your apartments!
  • Durable Construcion: An industrial-grade steel frame combined with a solid desktop can easily support your ideal workspace setup.
  • Electric Height Adjustable Lift System: The motor lift mechanism offers smoother height adjustments with low voice (under 50 dB) when running.
  • Safe Shipping: The desk is shipped in two separate packages which may be delivered separately from each other.
  • Easy Assembly: Well-packaged and easy to assemble with instructions in the box, it can be easily assembled in less than an hour!
  • Weight Capacity: Can effectively hold your working equipment up to 154 lbs
  • Size: L: 48” x D: 30” x H: 27″ to 47.6”, also there are other sizes available – 42×24″, 48×24″ and 55×28″
Flexispot Electric Standing Desk – A stylish yet comfortable workstation you’ll be delighted with!

What do Amazon Reviews Say?

One of the most reliable ways to say if any item sold on Amazon is worth getting is to check the reviews section, and in Flexispot’s case, their electric standing desk is getting positive feedback.

Let’s take a look closer at what people are saying regarding the product quality and experience of use:

What’s the Average Review for Flexispot Sit Stand Desk?

So, the average review for this desk is currently standing at 4.6 out of 5 stars, which is really solid for an expensive, daily-driver-type product. Furthermore, at the moment of the review posting, it stands in the “Amazon’s Choice” category and stands at the top 5 in the “Best Sellers Rank” in Home Office Desks Category.

But we also know that sometimes Amazon reviews are faked. For this purpose, let’s review the comment section to find out if Flexispot standing desk reviews are from actual happy shoppers, and not from those who were given the desk for free or at a discounted price in return for a five-star rate.

Are the Flexispot Electric Standing Desk Reviews Authentic?

  • Up to 80% of all the customers who purchased the product gave it a 5-star rating, which is a very high percentage of 5-star reviews, but one that is reasonable as long as other factors look legitimate
  • Around 16% of the reviews being 4 or 3 stars, and just 3% sitting at 1 star. The 1-star reviews aren’t consistently mentioning the same thing, signaling some kind of design flaw or serious problem; they’re about little issues, like one user who said they didn’t receive an instructions booklet, or haven’t recieved one of two boxes the desk is delivered, However, that’s a shipping company issue, not the seller’s.

We also didn’t find any instances of sponsored reviews, reviews written in exchange for a free product or discounted goods, or any other similar issues that would signal that Flexispot is gaming the review system. Thus, we think the reviews of Height Adjustable Standing Desk by Flexispot are authentic and can be trusted.

Quotes from Reviews of Specific Features

Here are some telling quotes from Amazon reviews for specific and important features of Flexispot Standing Desk:

Height Adjustability

This is a bare bones, simple, adjustable height desk which is exactly what I was looking for. The design allows for optimal space underneath for my legs with no weird protrusions hitting my knees.

Matthew S. Chernot

Easy Assembly

I built my desk yesterday, took me a while because I like to read the steps a few times. It’s probably an hour total assembly, and it’s very easy overall. Definitely, one of my favorite desks for work:)

Duke and the Mrs.

Remote Work

 I looooove this desk! I’m a teacher so I wish I got this sooner to use during the remote learning period. I’m someone who can’t sit for long so this desk helps me get up and get the blood moving. It has a huge workspace I can use for all my simple crafting and DIY as well. I’m really excited to continue using this anytime my school is remote and whenever I do my projects!

Dana Oliver

Plenty of Room

I love the desk so far, I’m 4 hours into my workday. Great height, huge 30×48 workspace so I can still do paperwork while raised/standing. I attached monitor arms to keep the desk clear, too.

Amazon Customer

Affordable Price

I think it’s an extremely fair price for what you’re getting compared to other electric desks at around 1.5x-2x the price. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the thickness of the center bar?
A: The desktop thickness is 1″.

Q: Is it battery operated?
A: The top shelf of the FEZIBO adjustable standing desk has 55″ wide (same as the table) and 11″ deep. That’s enough to put two 28″ monitors on it. 

Q: Does it matter if the motor and button are on the left instead of the right?
A: The motor is attached to the leg and cannot be changed, so you can only get the buttons on the left side. 

Q: Does the desk fold away?
A: Unfortunately, this standing desk can’t be folded away.

Wrap Up – Should You Buy Flexispot Electric Standing Desk?

Having inspected the product quality, basic features and customer reviews, All Report experts think the Flexispot Standing Desk is a perfect workstation that provides maximum comfort for the durable remote work.

It comes at an affordable price, can be used in different positions of sitting or standing, you can also choose the size and be certain that the desk easily fits any style of home design. Additionally, the desk can be easily assembled and provides enough space for your working equipment. And, of course, it’s one of the best home office desks sold on Amazon, so there’s no wonder it’s getting glowing reviews from the shoppers!

Have you ensured the Flexispot has made a great product? Don’t miss the chance to get yours from Amazon RIGHT HERE!