FEZIBO Standing Desk with Drawer Review – Is it Worth It?

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Is the FEZIBO Electric Standing Desk actually worth buying? Discover this by reading a detailed review from All Report!

Why Should You Buy the Electric Standing Desk by FEZIBO?

Finding the most comfortable desk is one of the essential parts of any home office space. Today, when nearly all of us have switched to remote work, there’s never been a better time to invest in a reliable, high-quality desk. Moreover, anyone who’s assembling their home office space needs their desk to handle all the working stuff, be suitable for the durable sitting and don’t impact their health as well.

But can you really find any that can fit all these requirements?

Sure, you can! If you’re interested in a stable, large desk, and the one that’ll match perfectly into a corner space, then you might come across the FEZIBO Standing Desk with Drawer on Amazon.

FEZIBO Standing Desk with Drawer – Your best investment to organizing an ergonomic workspace!

If you’ve already landed here, you must be looking for reliable opinions on whether or not this standing desk with drawer is truly worth it, and that’s exactly what we’ll explain in this post!

Top Features

The Electric Standing Desk with Drawer from the FEZIBO brand is trending on Amazon and appears to be one of the most popular pieces of home office equipment to choose from.

And there’s no wonder since there’s a lot to like here, including the ability to transform your working space, the option of 4 different colors, enough space to use several computer monitors simultaneously and functional add-ons like a large drawer and functional hooks.

This desk has got plenty of space and storage, comes at an attractive price, and is reported to be extremely stable and sturdy. And, which is more important for the remote workers, it features the ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT, which is a must-have for keeping you on your toes!

If that isn’t compelling enough, then it’s also getting excellent reviews from Amazon shoppers and as of the time of this writing, it’s also ranking within Amazon’s top 100 products for home office items.

But why should you consider buying it? Here’s a brief rundown of the basic features offered by the FEZIBO Standing Desk with Drawer:

  • Spacious One Piece Solid Top: 48″ or 55″ desktop options that can perfectly fit to any area.
  • Adjustable Height: The desk features the 2 height control buttons allowing you to achieve the most convenient heights from 27.7″ to 46.6″.
  • Multi-Gear Memory Buttons: Offers 4 separate position buttons to quickly switch from one height position to the other.
  • Different Colors: Offers 4 different colors to choose from – Black, Bamboo, Rustic Brown and Light Rustic.
  • Universal Desk Hooks: Hook your bag, headphones, and jacket very easily and have all them stored at a hand.
  • Lockable Casters for Easier Transportation: Effortlessly relocate your standing desk to any place, quietly and simply.
  • Effective Pull-Out Drawer: Keep your items stored at hand, and get a clutter-free desktop at the same time!
  • Cable Management Tray: Store your power strip and all the cables under the desk!
  • Loading Capacity: The industrial-grade steel frame of this desk is able to support up to 176 lbs.
  • Size: L: 48” x D: 24” x H: 27.7″ – 46.6”
Standing Desk with Drawer by Fezibo – Get your functional workspace at home!

What do Amazon Reviews Say?

As you might have already known, one of the most effective ways to see if a product is worth buying is to check the Amazon reviews. As for the Electric Standing Desk from FEZIBO, Amazon customers are leaving excellent reviews.

Let’s now learn more about what people are saying!

What’s the Average Review for the FEZIBO Standing Desk?

The average rate for this desk is currently standing at 4.5 out of 5 stars, which is a pretty decent score for such a great product people really like.

But, there are also plenty of enthusiastic “buyers” leaving positive comments in return for free or discounted items for reviewing the low-quality products. To ensure you’ll get the best desk for your home office, let’s inspect the reviews of the FEZIBO Adjustable Desk with Drawer to ensure they’re actually from satisfied shoppers.

Are the Reviews of FEZIBO Electric Standing Desk Authentic?

According to the most recent reviews of this desk, the global ratings on Amazon can be trusted, since:

  • More than 75% of Amazon customers rated the FEZIBO standing desk with 5 stars, mentioning its great functionality and spacious desktop
  • Around 15% of reviews have a 4-star rate, and only 5% rated it with a 1 star. The major thing we noticed getting complained about multiple times was assembly, with some people complaining that the assembli might require some tools, or else some details are a little bit heavy. At the same time, we don’t see the complaints regarding the electric desk’s actual quality.

We also didn’t find any signs of paid reviews, or those written in exchange for free or discounted products, or any other similar issues that would signalize that the FEZIBO brand is gaming the review system. Thus, we think the reviews on Amazon are authentic and can be trusted.

Quotes from Reviews on Specific Features

Here are some great quotes regarding the specific features of FEZIBO’s Electric Standing Desk with Drawer :

Great Quality

If you get challenged by simple assembly this table might not be for you, but I love it. Very stable with a quiet motor. It’s a single motor on one leg with a little drive shaft to the other side. Very well done. Also the engineering is spot on with all the holes in the right spots. 


Standing Feature

When my grandkids come, the little ones run straight to my desk, all I have to do is rise it, issue solved. Mid day sleepiness, or tired of sitting, I love I have the ability to stand.
If your working remote, or even in in person and have the ability to purchase this, I promise it will make u smile, ur say more pleasurable, and give u more energy at the end of the day! Best item yet I’ve purchased for myself and not even guilty for it.
Best of wishes!


Excellent Design

This simple yet effective design blows that away. The primary difference, other than the automatic feature, is that the entire desk space is available for use. The desk is sturdy and there are memory buttons to remember your upper and lower positions, which is really convenient for my durable working!


Lots of Space

I have a double monitor stand with 2 monitors, a laptop, and studio monitor speakers on top – and the motor moves at a steady pace and doesn’t jerk start or stop.
Great desk for its value!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the desktop material?
A: The FEZIBO’s desktop material is particle board with a vinyl veneer.

Q: What’s the drawer dimensions?
A: The drawer’s dimensions for the standing desk by FEZIBO is 15.7″ wide and 3.15″ high

Q: Does the drawer have to be put on or it’s optional?
A: Sure, the drawer can be taken off.

Q: How can I program the memory settings on this desk?
A: It’a pretty simple: just set at preferred height and hold the M1 (M2, M3, M4) key down until it beeps.

Wrap Up – Should You Buy FEZIBO Standing Desk?

As you can see, the Electric Stnding Desk with Drawers from FEZIBO is a perfect anchor point for organizing a comfortable, durable yet functional workspace at home. It can easily memorize up to 4 height positions, provides enough room for your working equipment and has lots of space for the office supplies, that you can always keep at hand in the drawer. Also, you can hook your bag, headphones and other staff on the 2 hooks located on both sides of the adjustable desk from FEZIBO. Furthermore, it takes little time for assembly and can be effortlessly relocated to any point with durable lockable casters!

Thus, the desk works great for those who are looking for a durable, high-quality, but affordable and simple desk that can fully adjust to your needs and schedule. And, which is more important, it’s getting great reviews from nearly anyone, who’s already purchased in on Amazon!

So, don’t miss the chance to get your perfect workspace by the FEZIBO brand. Get yours from Amazon RIGHT NOW!